The path to become a millionaire


Become financially independent through profits on the stock market.

All traded VALUES:
70 % indices, 20 % stocks and 10 % commodities
(no forex, no cryptocurrencies)

15/30/60 minute and daily charts


Your Trader Workshop

Find your individual trading strategy.
Workshops take place in Austria, Germany and the USA.
The numbers of participants are limited in each Workshop.

"My Story"

I didn't want to do any more customer consultations, no more sales, no more customer complaints. I wanted to work from home. I wanted to earn a lot of money in order to become financially independent, in order to be able to fulfill my dream of living in the USA. However, I did not know yet how to do it. - It all started in September 2006. [...]


In order to find a strong trend singal, we use a successful mix of "classic and technical chart analysis". - This service is exclusively for bank consultants, brokers, financial service providers and market makers. Also ask for a package of 15/25/50 stock titles from your chosen index. [...]

"Over the shoulder"

Look over the shoulder of a trader for a day. No matter whether the prices rise or fall. Experience live the daily work of a daytrader. - Participation is limited to a maximum of 2 people per day.


Great gifts for bankers and traders. T-shirts with funny "sayings" and much more. All those interested in the stock market will find every month "funny things" in the online shop (delivery via


All titles, trading strategies and analysis tools presented in the videos (episodes), trend analyzes and workshops are for illustrative purposes only. They do not constitute investment advice and / or an invitation to buy or sell values. If you use one or more trading strategies, you always make your investment decisions yourself without advising you. Please note that even if strategies and procedures are followed, the occurrence of a certain investment success cannot be guaranteed; in particular, it cannot be ruled out that you will nevertheless make investment decisions that are unfavorable for you and suffer losses. Investment successes in the past do not guarantee success in the future. Losses can exceed your investment. - Trend developments in the past do not give any indication of future trend directions. Any liability is excluded.