My Story

It all started in September 2006:

By coincidence I held a book about trading on the stock market in my hands. "Rule the Freakin´ Markets" by Michael Parness. It described exactly what I was looking for. I read other books on trading, chart analysis and strategy. I started trading. First on a demo account, later on a real money account. Sometimes my positions were losers, sometimes they were winners. From a high trading profit within a day to a lost opportunity of financial freedom. Everything was there. However, regular profits did not want to set in. I needed a trading plan. Years later, I found a trading strategy that was right for me. - Maybe my dream come true.

Trading on the stock market is the most exciting, busiest and financially lucrative work I've ever done, but it is also an extremely boring (during a long sideways trend) and financially very dangerous world ...

The path to my goal has begun.
And this, is my story.