Various stocks are checked daily for upcoming and existing trend signals. The stronger the signal, the greater the focus on the particular index, stock or commodity.

Take advantage of the TREND ANALYZES from and increase your commissions.

Example / extract from a trend analysis:

Title: Xyz
Trend probability: 72 - 89%
Basis: daily chart
Created on 09/28/2021

Trend analyzes do not constitute investment advice, but serve only as illustrative material. They do not represent any investment advice or any other recommendation within the meaning of the Securities Trading Act or the Securities Supervision Act. Any liability towards the customer is excluded which arises due to the use or non-use of the information or due to incorrect, incomplete or missing information. Even if reliable forecasts were made in the past, this does not apply to the future and therefore cannot be guaranteed. No guarantee is given for the correctness of the prognoses in any way.

This service is exclusively for bank consultants, brokers, financial service providers and market makers.

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Investment successes in the past do not guarantee success in the future. Any liability is excluded.


All titles, trading strategies and analysis tools presented in the videos (episodes), trend analyzes and workshops are for illustrative purposes only. They do not constitute investment advice and / or an invitation to buy or sell values. If you use one or more trading strategies, you always make your investment decisions yourself without advising you. Please note that even if strategies and procedures are followed, the occurrence of a certain investment success cannot be guaranteed; in particular, it cannot be ruled out that you will nevertheless make investment decisions that are unfavorable for you and suffer losses. Investment successes in the past do not guarantee success in the future. Losses can exceed your investment. - Trend developments in the past do not give any indication of future trend directions. Any liability is excluded.